Outdoor Living

The spring weather has us ready to get outside and enjoy that precious sunshine.  These outdoor spaces are definitely calling our names.

Colorful Kitchen

Don't be afraid to go bold and throw a little color on it.

Tile Love

While working on mood boards for a project, we found ourselves going down the rabbit hole of patterned tiles. Here are a some of our favorite tiles and installation images from Academy TilesStone Source and Tabarka Studio. Let us know which one is your fave.

Conscious Coupling | Chair Crush with One Kings Lane

When asked to participate in the One Kings Lane Chair Crush blog post, we thought "Great this will be fun!"  Problem was how do we decide which chair/s to feature (we aren't players, we just crush a lot).  After narrowing our selections down, these two chairs just felt so right together, because as we all know, opposites attract. Georgia Velvet Swivel Chair and Lucy Chair have our vote for couple most likely to succeed.  

Now we turn this couple into a happy little family for one of our e-design clients! We have picked a mostly neutral color palette to really let the chairs be the stars of a living/dining space. Check out our selections plus many more items over at One Kings Lane, and to pick your own chair crush click here.

Etsy Finds | 12.3.14

Etsy finds…the black and white edition.

E-Design by Kroesser + Strat

Having trouble deciding on a color scheme, furniture layout, or what furniture/accessories to buy for your space?  Well, Kroesser + Strat Design now provides an online service in which we send you design inspiration boards and virtual layouts of your space.  All E-Designs are individualized to fit personal style, space and budget. This service will allow you to take advantage of our design expertise without retaining Kroesser + Strat Design for full-service interior design.  

Don't forget to pass it along to those in need.

Winter Is Coming | Cozy Bed Edition

Now that winter is coming/here, it's time to get cozy and spend the day in bed.

Get the look:

Marmoreal by Max Lab

We love the playful spirit of these marmoreal engineered marble pieces.

Etsy Finds | 6.20.14

Today we came across a very random assortment of goodies! 

Where's The BAR?

Happy Friday, now where is the bar?

Etsy Obsessed | Spazz Happy Line Design

If you haven't noticed we love succulents and air plants.  These geometric sculptural pieces by Spazz Happy Line Design offer a great place to display your air plants.  They also look great bare, so head on over to her shop and check out the rest of her collection.

Etsy Finds | 5.6.14

Today we found some pretty awesome handmade items.

Etsy Obsessed | Jujujust

We have been seeing wall tapestries a lot recently, and Judit's are some of our faves. They provide the color, pattern and texture every space needs. Take a few minutes to check out her shop here!

Etsy Finds | 4.23.14

Here are a few things we stumbled upon today. 

Fem Friday | Sarah Radin

This week we are pleased to feature the very cool, and edgy online shop by Sarah Radin - Radin NYC!  Sarah's shop features handmade jewelry from a variety of designers to provide them a platform for more exposure. We are obsessed!

For one of a kind statement jewelry pieces check this shop out!!! 

Here are just a few of our faves:

Fem Friday | Shannon Guirl

This week we are very excited to feature Designer/Owner of Caravan Pacific, Shannon Guirl based in Portland, OR. Her handcrafted lamps are beautiful, sleek, and extremely versatile for any space.  "Our goal is to create beautiful lighting that creates a warm glow to live by"

KSD: It's so great to see Caravan Pacific growing, and doing so well.  Aside from having a beautiful product is there anything you think is key to your success?

SG: Thank you! Plain, old hard work and endurance have been key factors in building Caravan Pacific. I think many people make the assumption that because you have a beautiful product, you'll have a successful company. There are so many other elements that go into making a great business tick. Launching my initial lighting design (The Alberta Table Lamp) on Kickstarter gave my company a great start. It gave me confidence in my design, built a following for it, and allowed me to tell my story the way that I wanted to. I also feel I've been lucky to be in Portland at this time. My business has really grown in the last year due to the excellent skills of the craftsmen and tight-knit community of small businesses located here.

KSD: Do you have any advice for others who want to take a leap of faith and start their own business?

SG: If you want to create your own business, you have to have the passion and grit to drive it. Don't do it for the money. Do it because you want to share an idea that you're truly excited about. Every business faces tough problems, and decisions on it's way to success. You need to have a vision and passion for what you're doing that keeps you going through those tough times and connects you to others.

KSD: How many prototypes did you go through before knowing that you hit the mark with your lamps?

SG: The response to my first design, The Alberta Table Lamp, still surprises me! It's been our best-selling lamp by far over the last few years. We made one prototype and haven't really altered the design since it debuted in 2011. I was just making something that I really loved, I'm so glad others love it too!

KSD: Who/what are your biggest inspirations?

SG: I'm lucky in that many of the people who inspire me are just a phone call or bike ride away. There are so many businesses in Portland that are killing it with their style and smarts and have lent me a hand along the way. Among my favorites: Mazama, Nell & Mary, Red Sail, Wood & Faulk, and so many more.

A big inspiration for the style of my products some from Gordon Martz, a prominent lighting designer/manufacturer during the 1950's. He's taught me a lot about running a ceramics business and inspires me with the width and breadth of the designs he created during the Mid-Century era.

KSD: Are your designs reflective of your personal style?

SG: Absolutely! Caravan Pacific was created because I needed a new table lamp for my home. I couldn't find any table lamps I truly liked, so I started making one. I like living with my own designs and seeing what I can do to make the space around me more comfortable and beautiful.

KSD: What's next for Caravan Pacific? Are there any new designs/products we should look out for?

SG: We released some new accessories in March: Part & Parcel Cutting Boards, made in part with a local woodworker, and our Lucky Porcelain Horseshoe.  We'll be releasing a new table lamp design in April, along with some new glaze colors for our current lighting collection. I also have some pendant lights in the works that I'm excited about. I feel like I'm just starting to scratch the surface of what I can design. It's going to be an interesting year.

Shannon, thank you so much for taking the time to answer a few questions.  We LOVE your lamps, they have that Mid-Century feel that we die for, and we can't wait for what's coming next for Caravan Pacific. Everyone take a look, and get your hands on at least one, because your home deserves it.



Pink Perfection

Pink isn't just for little girls. Here are some modern grown up ways to use pink in your home.  

Romeo Sozzi

Romeo Sozzi

Kirra Jamison

Kirra Jamison

RR House by Studio Guilherme Torres

RR House by Studio Guilherme Torres

Studio Guilherme Torres

Studio Guilherme Torres

And if you really want to go for it, here are few spaces that hold nothing back.

Hallie Burton

Hallie Burton

Just a few pieces to inspire you and get you started.

Artist Photographer | Max Wanger

With our anticipation for summer and warmer weather here in NYC, we thought we would feature the work of Max Wanger.  His work give us a carefree California summer vibe, and we like it A LOT! Check out some of our favorite pieces below, and order your own prints here. 

And because these prints remind us of summer...

xx KSD