Dissecting Crate&Barrel

Doesn't everyone play that game.. you know, the one where you have to look through a magazine and, if you had all the money in the world, pick one thing on each page you would buy?  As mature as we get we still play that game all the time with every magazine we get our paws on...a girl can dream can't she?  

Well anyway, the Crate&Barrel magazine showed up (3rd one this week) and as tired as we sometimes get of looking through page after page after pageeee of the same old same old, this one somehow seemed...better.  Here's some favs we just couldn't just flip past...and might actually REALLY real life!

The woven Santoso Baskets are the simple woven pattern, put one on the floor in your den or bedroom and fill it with blankets + throw

The Hurom Slow Juicer..don't know what's so slow about it, but I know I need to get into shape for bathing suit weather STAT.

The Olin Rug, love this big chunky stripe, comes in a gorgeous gray too but there's something we love so much about this minky brown.  

The Lyle Side Chair, what a little cutie.  So perfect in a breakfast room or even around a big wood dining table.  and an awesome price at $199 each heyyyyyy
So this Atlas 150 Chrome Past Maker is not new or's actually the same design that's been around forever and ever and that, in and of itself, is amazing.

This Zuri Coffee + Side Tables are vaguely reminiscent of the Jean Prouve Gueridon Tables selling elsewhere online..not that they're the SAME necessarily, but similar enough to bring the same sort of effect to any decor whether it be traditional, modern, or anywhere in between.  

If you know us, you know we love an oversized wood salad server.  Enter C&B's answer to our prayers.  A very simple pair of Oak Salad Servers

This desk is super simple, clean and modern with just the right amount of country.  and a fly name.  The Hendrix Desk

Looks like chicken wire, but it's not..(we like chicken wire).  The Hoyne Pendant would be great as a single in a small entry foyer or hallway, or as a cluster over a dining table.  the possibilities are endless.  and it gets better when the light is on, that never happens!

What can we say about this Acacia Wedge Server?  it's our dream basically.  *sigh*...if only we had a kitchen island to put it on.  guess our teeny tiny little dining table will just have to do.  
Acacia and Glass Canisters, simple as can be.  use them in a bathroom to hold cotton balls + q-tips or in your kitchen to hold pasta + rice on
and finally...last but not least!...the Halo Pot Saucer.  Super modern glazed ceramic pot with a built-in saucer (so no need for that stupid little clear glass saucer under every pot you own).  obviously looks amazing with succulents, our 2nd fav thing in this world :)