eBay Lovin

So A and I loooove eBay + etsy for incredible deals on everything from furniture + home accessories to shoes, clothes, handbags, and literally everything in between.  We fancy ourselves somewhat of experts in sniffing out + taking advantage of the best deals available and would love to share our finds with the world!  check out some steals on our radar today:

Authentic vintage Hermes Leather clip-on earrings... a chance to own a piece of Hermes for a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of the cost of a berkin!  3 1/2 days left on the auction and no one has bid, bidding starts at $95.00 and shipping is not outrageous.  someone grab them quick!

New Derek Lam Ivory Chiffon Shirt from Barneys..again 3 1/2 days left and price is only at $57.00...I dont think it will go over $150 and for a shirt like this, it's a serious steal

Vintage 70s Modernist desk lamp by Pietro Chiesa for Fontana Arte.  a little over 6 days left on the listing, current bid is less than $1 so who knows where it will go to, my guess is not more than a few hundred $$.  Downside: item ships from France for $60 to the states which is pricey, but this same EXACT lamp is on 1stdibs for $6,500.  you do the math.  

finally, a vintage George Nelson/Howard Miller ball clock.  Classic mid-century design, from the description it seems like it may need a little attention from someone who can repair clocks (what is that called?), but for a starting bid of $50 with a little over 8 days left i bet this will stay under the radar and sell for not much more than the starting bid.  Also doesn't have the identifying tag on the back which probably accounts for the low price as well, but who cares if it looks cool!  shipping is reasonable too at $10.95.  always pay attention to the shipping costs!  Here is your chance to own a piece of iconic mid-century design for a steal!