Here fishy fishy fishyyy...

Fish are amazing creatures, a window into the evolution of our world and not to be overlooked in the beauty and inspiration department.  Everything from the iridescence of their bodies to the patterns in their scales and fins and gills, to their effortlessly fluid movement through water, fish have been an inspiration to the world of design since the beginning of time.  We've seen traces of it many places recently, here are a few of our favs:

Enameled Fish Key Fob by Mulberry via net-a-porter.  such a fun and unexpectedly cool idea.

Gorrrgeous 1920s Venetian mirror via Decoratum in London.  the movement of the fish is echoed so perfectly in the shape of the mirror.  put this in a small, dark powder room..

Amazon Dreams Platter via Anthropologie

to DIE for enormous 1940s brass fish on wood bases, would make such a statement on a mantle or on a coffee table in an unexpected way

ahmaazing Italian 1977 cast lucite fish-form table bases, how amazing would these be with a smoked glass top?  so crazy

outrageous English 1950s "Aquarium" Table lighter, by Dunhill.  Pretty sure i would just stare at this all day if I owned it, but for $5, seems unlikely

Finally..such a beautiful, simple vintage Gucci sterling silver fish-form bottle opener...swoon.  unfortunately SOLD on ebay!  but i'm sure there's more floating around out there so keep an eye out!