ohohoooh, how excited is everyone for Marni at H&M next Thursday!!?  Well, we can hardly contain ourselves and luckily H&M has put some sneak peaks up online with pricing (which is amazingly affordable, as usual) so we can scope out exactly what we want to grab as soon as those doors open, so get out of the way!  I'll knock an old lady down, I don't care...

Take a (safe) stroll through the collection here...

Transparent plastic bag, totally Marni-esque, totally awesome price

Marni Sunnies..sooo fly and less than $20, need we say more?  
Elasticized Plastic + Wood bracelets...will be grabbing these by the fistful!  
Amazing chunky ribbed leggings, elastic waist of course which is what we live in :)  anything for comfort people!
these look like the real deal that sells for wayyyy more.  They're $99/pair!

how cute and fun for summer!

and the necklace I will be TRULY heartbroken not to bring home..leather cord necklace with white plastic flowers.  swoon...