Seventies Lovin

Sooooooooo, we love any and all mod 70s interior design, as spastic and off the wall as it is there is SO much of it that inspires us!  pulling details and ideas that may have overwhelmed a room back then and plugging them into more modern, updated spaces today can result in some seriously groovy (in a cool way) design.  So take a gander at some of our fav inspiration pics below...ideally wearing your tallest platform shoes whilst wearing pants that match your sofa + curtain fabric.  what?

an amaaazin swing bed with some sweet art above.  

love the wall detail, and of course the floating platform bed.

more - love the big bold diagonal stripes on the wall behind the bed, what a fun treatment.  and cheap and easy!  seriously anyone can do this in their own bedroom all you need is some tape and paint and mad tape measure skills

Bucky Fuller...the geodesic dome.  need i say more?  ps love that the sofa is 3 different colors, so fun!

my dream.

my neon dream.