So while pinning and clipping around the internet world this morning we stumbled across a new obsession to overtake our lives for the next 3 or so days (short attention spans..please don't judge).  Tassels, tassels and more tassels!  Size, scale, color, material, purpose...all of these reasons and more have us drooling over tassels for use in every way shape and form.  Check it!

 ahmaaazing vintage 60s Parasol on 1st dibs..
 gorgeous tasseled necklaces via here and here respectively
 vintage chanel tassel clip-ons

 vintage gucci tassel jewelry box...could be a fun and easy DIY

more chanel, still available on eBay! via here

Givenchy Tassel Oxfords

Leopard Tassel Loubys

 Houles Paris has incredible new tassel and trim colors like neon orange, pink and yellow....yum!

 Love a weird vintage chandelier...via here

how great are these vintage one-of-a-kind tassel lamps?  one and two
 and finally, a genius bird cage by tony duquette.  color, size, shape..what more could you ask for? nothing!