Better than a thousand hollow words, is one word that brings peace - Buddha

He totally meant words used to create awesome furniture, lighting and accessories, didn't he? you be the judge...

Amazing "HI" Lamp Base, such a fun play with design + function, currently for sale on eBay!  someone snap it up

Michele Varian pillow, spreading love one pillow at a time!  Love the crayony colors.  Found here

a personal fav of mine and one that's been on my radar for some time, a vintage "RADIO" radio.  nothin says radio like a radio made out of the word radio.  sold off of Etsy, but have spotted it on eBay as well so keep your eyes pealed!

via the amazing Surfing Cowboys, the "PEACE" chair, perfect as a vanity stool in a bedroom, throw a flokati rug over the seat and you've got yourself a hip little chair

Don't you wish all EXIT signs were this cool?  via here