eBay lovin...continued

Soo, we'd love to continue to share our fav eBay finds with everyone...we LOVE to find great pieces at an even better price, and if we can't take advantage ourselves, we want someone to!!  Tell us what you're searching for now, we'll put it on our radar and share with you what we find!  Here's some finds from this morning's search...thoughts??

umm..paging ms. Hepburn!  Gorgeeee vintage YSL champagne faux pearl strand...YSL has some amazing costume jewelry, and though they're "faux" pearls, it's NOT faux-YSL, therefore still a steal at the starting bid of $25.  2 days left, low shipping cost...someone please buy!  via here..

Dorothy Thorpe was an incredible mid-century artist, throughout her career she's created some truly iconic pieces using glass as well as lucite, and any combination of the two.  Sometimes some fantastic deals pop up on eBay if you can find singles of her candlesticks (which in pairs or groups can sell for hundreds of $$ per candlestick), here you can buy a single for reaaal cheap.  Also her amazing pretzel-like napkin rings can be found for a bargain..especially when they're in an awesome color like the ones above!  via here and here, respectively.  

This little cutie has been on our radar for quite a while.  It's very unusual coloration (beautiful salmon pink with brass accents) is our dreammmm, and the fact that it has butterflies on the shade?  well that just makes it all the more special.  someone please buy!  we don't have any more desks needing a lamp..waah.  Check it..

and finally...high fashion.  Kidding, but seriously - a fantastic pair of vintage pink faux-pearl Chanel clip-ons, I'm in love.  Buy-it-now price of $149 BUT taking all offers...get it closer to $100 and you've got yourself a steal!  via here