studio design love

soooo the other day a trip to the local hoarder/vintage shop down the street turned from the usual allergy fit into a magical experience..I came across an amazing (and creepy) mosaic art piece that I simply had to have.  plus it was like $40 so..even better.  5 seconds later I paid the guy for it and 30 minutes later my wonderful fiancee and I were dragging it down the sidewalk together arguing about who was walking too fast/too slow causing the other to be uncomfortable.  Normal.

Now that it's home, it's even more perfect and I will love it always and we've been staring at it non-stop trying to figure out what the hell it is...someone's interpretation of the last supper? (bearded guy, 2nd from the left is obv Jesus).  Transformer's Thanksgiving Dinner?  Whose weirdo hand is that in the upper left hand corner?  Questions the world will ponder for years to come...

Well, all this aside, it's truly been inspiring us more and more since it arrived in our lives and sparked a renewed interest for us in the American Crafts and Studio Design movements.  It's no secret that history repeats itself, the DIY era we're currently in also happened decades ago in the 1950s, 60s and 70s and there is some ahmaaazing vintage design out there to prove it.  Nakashima, Wendell Castle, Phillip Lloyd Powell, Paul Evans, just to name a few... has a Studio Design section, it must be perused..

We've clipped some of our favs for you below..find some of your own too and, if nothing else, be inspired!! And who knows, maybe some of the amazing DIY creations you're making now will be important vintage pieces in years to come :)

a sick plywood 70s plywood floor lamp, so iconic..via here

fantastically colorful 70s fused art glass mobile by Michael + Frances Higgins, via here

Mr. Nakashima..of course, the epitome of Studio Crafts via here

more iconic studioness, doing collabs before Opening Ceremony made it cool, Phillip Lloyd Powell x Paul Evans small cabinet via here

Marguerite Antel Tile top table via here

and finally, a lovely little pinecone pot from the 60s..via here.  gorgeous!