A Beautiful Result

as with most things in life, they don't always go the way you want them to.  in our world, it's very rare to have a project run perfectly from start to finish.

exhibit A.  a wonderful, incredible client of ours hired us to design + renovate their bathroom.  we brought in a contractor who we knew and trusted and the project got underway.  for the first few weeks all was well, but as the project dragged on, we realized we were quickly losing control over the progress and quality of the project.  our contractor, for whatever reason, went AWOL.  impossible to get a hold of, pulling his workers from our project to put onto another of his own...the list goes on. our clients, while incredibly patient, wanted their bathroom back.  of the many lessons learned during this period of time, rushing to get the job done in the time frame promised vs. making sure it's done properly is a tough balance.  in the end, we know it's better to tack on some extra time to ensure the work is up to snuff and something we are proud of. 

as the project neared the end, and just a few days before christmas, we knew we were walking away from something that wasn't right.  sure it looked beautiful from afar, but it was 90%.  it wasn't 100% and it wasn't what we wanted to put out there with our name on it.  we also knew we had to end our relationship with our contractor. with a heated and rage-filled goodbye, we sent him on his way and began our search for someone who could come in and fix this- a task we knew wouldn't be easy.  we got lucky, and found a wonderful tile guy recommended to us through our new contractor (and saving grace!). it took months to re-order new custom made tile, resubmit insurance requirements to the management company and to coordinate a schedule with the clients, building and contractor, but finally he got in there and went to work. 

today we finally finished and while it's hard to say it was worth the wait, we actually think it was.


carrera marble field tile, white ceramic subway tile, bathtub, toto toilet, recessed medicine cabinets, wall sconces, all sink and shower fittings, towel hooks, towel bar and toilet paper holder

vanity + carrera marble vanity top

herringbone marble floor