Etsy obsessed..

new day, new etsy obsession, eh?  Honeywell home is a fun new shop with lots of yummy vintage finds recently opened by owner/designer/master chef extroardinaire/bff Stephen Honeywell.  With amazing finds from estate sales and thrift shops and everywhere in between, everything he has to offer is pretty, and perfect and ready to transform your space!

personally, a+i love all things gold and shiny and glassy and lucitey and, well, Honeywell Home has it all.  and damn good pricing too!  peep some of our favs below, and check out his shop here!

a pair of woven ceramic the black and white/yin and yang of it all.  via here

pair of chunky glass bookends with a creepy little bird it, so unique!  would add such depth and character to a shelf full of books, via here

brass? check.  peruvian alpaca?  check?  love this little figuring, plop it on a coffee table with a bunch of big art books, it will be a conversation piece to say the least!  via here

more brass, this time with turquoise.  and it's an ashtray, but perfect size for a jewelry dish too...  need i say more? via here

these are amazing!  vintage set of hand carved ivory toothpicks with amazing and dainty detail, each appears to be unique! gorgeous.  via here

a+i obsess over unusual scale, and the teeny size of this little artichoke lamp is our dream.  can someone please adopt it and give it a good home?  via here

this vintage slag glass dish is killing me...reminds me of my grandfather's ashtray.  so heavy and beautiful.  via here 

finally, agate.  every girls dream. chunky, gorgeous little dish/ashtray.  i'll say no more.  buy.  via here