The flyest candles you ever saw..

sooo a and I met with one of our amazing clients the other day who is just back from a quick trip to Paris and she introduced us to THE coolest candles you have ever seen.  Cire Trudon is a french company which dates back to the 1600s with ties to versailles and Marie Antoinette..all of which kills us of course, not to mention the fact that this old old old company makes THE most amazing candles you have ever seen.  Barneys and Bergdorfs sell their scented glass candles + tins, but their neon cameo pillars are to die for, and for some reason tough to find here in the states except through a select few online vendors.  They're not cheap, but nothing special is.  And besides, you only need a few to make a statement.  check em below..available via here + here