Lets trade clothes..

getting a little nytimes reading in this past sunday i came across an article on the launch of a new website for clothes horses like a+i.  we both like to shop, shop and shop some more, and are loath to rid of the real goodies we love out of fear of wanting to wear it again sometime in the next 40 years.  everything comes back into style again at some point!  But let's be clear: we're not hoarders and we do clean out our closets (at gunpoint) from time to time, but everybody knows only H&M and Forever21 things are reaaaaally disposable because..well..they're made that way.  But this site is opening our eyes..and our minds and our closets........................and of course our wallets who are we kidding? was just launched this week, it's an amazing site to shop for pre-loved goodies including clothing, jewelry, bags, shoes and more.  Simply log on, register your style, your sizes and everytime you check back all the goodies that fit with your style description and sizing are laid out before you like magic!  Here's the best part: they also make it super easy to list and sell your own items, even going so far as to mail you the pre-paid packaging!  it seriously doesn't get easier than that.  and for lazy bones like us, that means there's no more excuses.  So get to listing people!  This site seriously has everything, from designer duds to vintage, to everything in's all there and i want to buy it all.

some of our recent favs are below, but be sure to check back often there's always something new out there!

in looove with this vintage leopard print fur coat...yum.  via here

i'm a sucker for vintage lanvin. obv.  someone please buy this so i stop spending money it's such a good price only $145! seriously similar styles sell on ebay for hundreds more.  someone take advantage quick! via here

some cutie pie vintage the exaggerated tassel. via here

alex wang. wah. via here

some purple prada?  with jewels? yes pls.  via here

karen walker sunnies yum! via here

finally..a vintage sailboat locket because i wish i was sailing somewhere beautiful right now...  love.  via here