Fem Friday | L. Kate Interiors

To Celebrate the end of the week (when are we gonna get some warm weather here in in NYC already?!) we are psyched to share this week's Q+A with our good pal and fellow NYC-based interior designer, Lindsay Feldman of L. Kate Interiors!

Lindsay's story is quite similar to ours.  After graduating from school and honing her skills working for other high-end firms, she decided to put those skills to use and open up her own shop! We totally dig her effortlessly yet tailored style, and her use of modern, timeless classics layered with pattern and color - basically our dream! She's someone we both admire as a woman in the biz, and envy for all of her amazing projects that we've been secretly stalking on her website and Facebook page daily :) After checking out her Q+A and website, we know you'll be right there with us  Enjoy!


KSD: Hi Lindsay!! A project of yours was recently featured on congrats! It looks fantastic! That must have been so exciting!

LKI: Yes, I was thrilled! It was my first blog feature ever, and my client initiated it. It was so flattering and such an unexpected compliment that she wanted to showcase her new home.

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KSD: So Tell us a little bit about your path to this point, like did you jump right into design immediately after school or explore any other similar avenues? Tell us about some of your experiences that led you to become the amazing designer that you are!

LKI: I have loved Interior Design forever! I was the kid who would go to friend's houses for a play date and redecorate their bedrooms for fun!!! It has always been something I naturally loved to do. I went to Syracuse University and studied Interior Design. After many late nights in the studio - and honestly loving every minute of it, I moved to NYC and worked for a high-end furniture showroom, Maurice Villency. There I worked on floor plans for design presentations.  I then worked for two amazing Interior Designers who taught me the ropes. I received first hand experience in residential design, working one on one with clients and learning the ins and outs of the industry. The experience I received with Stephanie Wolf of Interiors by M&S and then Amanda Nisbet from Amanda Nisbet Design gave me the invaluable knowledge I needed to confidently take it to the next step, opening my own design firm.

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KSD: Break it down for us - how scary/exciting was it finally taking that leap and opening up your own firm?!?

LKI: Terrifying. In order to make this decision confidently I decided to take a part time job as a sales consultant at Jonathan Adler. This gave me the ability to build up my client base while knowing I wasn't completely on my own yet. I also improved my sales skills while working there and before I knew it the part time hours were taking away from the attention I wanted to be giving to my clients. This was the best-case scenario and this was the point at which I knew I was ready.

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KSD: So what's been your most exciting project so far? How about the most challenging?

LKI: Each and every project is both exciting and challenging and that's why I love what I do. I love meeting with the new clients and then working collaboratively towards creating their dream homes. I love that each and every day is completely different from the day before!

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KSD: Can you tell us a little bit about some of the projects you're working on now?

LKI: I'm working on a multitude of different types of projects. A contemporary town house in Brooklyn, an Upper West Side Pre-War apartment, a two-bedroom renovation in Midtown, a dental office in Midtown, and homes in Westchester. I really enjoy how each project is very different in scale and budget. There is no job too small or too large, and that's what keeps me energized and continuously inspired!

KSD: Like us, you're probably always on the hunt for new, exciting and inspiring goodies - anything you've recently discovered or fallen in love with that you can share with us?

LKI: Of course! Let me dig into my vault!!!!

Workstead Lighting is amazing and so innovative. I just used their Bent Wall Lamp upside down as a Kitchen Island Pendant.

PELLA Design is another fun furniture manufacturer, their pieces are very sculptural and become a real focal point in any room!

C. Bell is a Go To for me when I am looking for that perfect piece to add glamour or whimsy to any space! They are located on Dixie Highway in West Palm Beach, and specialize in 20th century pieces - LOVE!

Stray Dog - Anyone designing a kid's bedroom should know about Stray Dog! Their lighting and mirrors are a dream and are the perfect finishing touch to any children's space!

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KSD: You featured a Bergere chair restoration on your page a little while back - you took an old armchair you found at Housing Works, lacquered the frame and re-covered it all by yourself - that's crazy!! The chair looks so great - do you DIY often? Where is the chair now? (AND CAN WE HAVE IT?)

LKI: The best $75 I ever spent!!!!! It's in my apartment! I love that chair…I wish I could do more, but unfortunately I live & work in a studio apt. so there are only so many square feet to house my miscellaneous furniture and accessory addictions! However, I absolutely loved refurbishing that chair and if anyone finds a vintage gem that needs some TLC, you know where to find me!





KSD: Switching gears a bit - you have an amazing, close-knit group of family and friends that you document on Instagram and Facebook, how do you juggle work and family life to make the most of both? It's a real challenge!!

LKI: As much as I get joy every day by my work, it would be nothing if I didn't have people around me to share it with. They truly are my cheerleaders. Watching my parents growing up taught my sister and I what it means to be motivated. Both of us are constantly working and trying new things, bouncing ideas off of each other! My friends are the same, so when we all get together it is a nice break, we really enjoy each other's company and cherish the time we have.

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KSD: OK, saved the best one for last - we talk about this all the time at our office when we're feeling sassy - tell us all about your dream project! Obviously it starts with no budget...

LKI: No Budget!!! I can hardly imagine what that would be like, but here goes. I have always been infatuated with stories of the Catskills and everyone living in small bungalows but being part of a bigger community with that "I'm on vacation" mind set. To be able to design a contemporary version of these would be the ultimate. A high end, luxury style bungalow colony with small homes that are beautifully designed and curated but still casual. A place where families return year after year and traditions are built. Where beds feel like clouds, and two rocking chairs sit at every doorstep. My goal has always been to design homes where families can live and grow amongst spaces that are comfortable and stylish, and represent those who are living there. To be able to design an entire vacation community like this would definitely be my dream!

Thank You Lindsay for taking the time to talk with us, and we cannot wait to see more from you.  Stay warm, Winter Storm Titan is coming!  :(