Fem Friday | The Lacquerie!

We are SO FREAKING excited about our Q+A with Stacy Haskell, founder of The Lacquerie, a beautiful blog that if you aren't following you now (well, after your read this post).  Stacy has the coolest, most effortless style vibe, is an incredible artist and amazing graphic designer.  We'll get to her Q+A in a minute, but just take a look at few pictures she snapped while on a recent trip through Italy.  Do you get why we're slightly obsessed?

Ok! Now that you're just as in love with her as we are, here's our Q+A with Miss Stacy:

KSD: stacy! you and your awesome blog have been on our mind. thanks so much for taking the time to answer a few questions. hope they aren't boring!

SH: Of course! This is so fun, thanks for thinking of me!

KSD: you recently went on a trip across europe. what was your favorite place to visit (not a fair question, we know!) and why? was it the culture, the people, the beautiful landscape?

SH: As cliché as it may sound, Paris was actually my favorite city. In the months leading up to this trip, I was pretty sure that I’d like France the least but it turned out to be inspiring in every way. From the classic muted gray and cream colored buildings to the Parisians’ effortless sense of style, I was in love with it all. There’s just something so perfect about the light in Paris that made me want to take a million photos. And I had no problem settling into that cafe culture of espresso and people watching.

KSD: having recently traveled abroad, we came back full of fresh design ideas and were overwhelmingly inspired by the rich history that europe + asia have to offer. what inspired you the most during your travels?

SH: This is a tough one, but I’d have to say color. I’ve always been so fascinated by color palettes and how much they impact our mood. While traveling from country to country, I noticed how each city had such a distinct color story of it’s own. It’s the first thing that comes to mind when I think back to each place; vibrant Barcelona, moody Paris, candy-coated Nice, etc. So when I work with these colors today, they almost transport me back to that exact time and place.

KSD: something very exciting happened while you were there- you got engaged, congrats! we are so happy for you and have already been stalking all of your wedding posts. even though you are an east coast gal living on the west coast, your aesthetic feels very cali (which we love!) you have an obvious love for soft palettes and a relaxed but sophisticated vibe, will we be seeing that in the design for your wedding?

SH: Absolutely! No matter which way I turn it, I find my personal style sneaking into everything I do. So I should probably apologize to my fiancé in advance as this wedding is beginning to look very Lacquerie-esque!

KSD: if you could describe the design elements of your dream wedding in 5 words, what would they be?

SH: elegant, vintage, beachy, timeless, ivory : may sound a little contradictory but somehow they make perfect sense together in my mind...

KSD: you recently did a post on mixing patterns in fashion. in interior design, it can sometimes be difficult to sway clients to throw caution to the wind and mix + match. what makes for a successful pattern combo?

SH: Well, I don’t have any rules or secrets but I love playing with scale when it comes to texture and pattern. I try to choose a variety of shapes, styles, and sizes where the largest pattern design stands out as the main focus and lets the smaller, more subtle patterns act as afterthoughts. And as always, color is a big player, so I look for a common hue to tie everything together.

KSD: radiant orchid was 2013's color of the year. what is your 2014 color of the year?

SH: Since I’ve been looking into all kinds of floral arrangements lately, I’ve noticed that I keep coming back to Dusty Miller. I think it’s actually a weed, but that cool shade between sage green and pale mint is perfect. Of course, it’s soft and subtle and adds to the long list of neutrals that I always go for… Surprise, surprise!

KSD: you have a big year ahead of you and we can't wait to follow along via the lacquerie.  what are you goals for the new year, personally + professionally?

SH: I guess my goal for 2014 falls under both personal and professional as I’m still searching for my “dream job”. I want to find a way to combine my passion for all things creative beyond graphic design. Photography, interior design, style, music, and now even the crazy world behind event planning inspires me on a daily basis. I want to be able to switch gears often and explore endless possibilities. Ultimately, I just want to get paid to do what I love. Who doesn’t?

We know we should end it here because her final answer was perfection, but we just had to show you some of her artwork, which you can find on her Etsy shop, TheLacquerie

Thanks Stacy for being such awesome inspiration and taking the time to answer our questions- now go plan your wedding!! ;)