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morning kids!!  on this beautiful monday morning, A and I thought we'd share with you an amazing and inspiring lighting design team we recently stumbled across in this month's House Beaut...

A P P A R A T U S Studio offers up some crazy beautiful designs, some composed of salvaged materials while others are completely contemporary.  Their fixtures are a sick combination of 70s modern and french industrial, and styles in between.  Their finishes are to die for...I hope we get a chance to use them..def have someone in mind!!

Check out their website, and be sure to look at their About page...their lighting is gorgeous but they're not so terrible to look at either :)

some favs:

in love.


scheme scheme, plot plot...

lots of planning going on around here!  we've got a big presentation tomorrow to a client couple with 3 gorgeous kids.  they're fun, and totally open to new and interesting ideas, but want to see the world before they make a decision, which means options are in abundance....but we'll still push our favs :)


Tile Shoppin

A+I have some funnnnn projects coming up, in particular some bathroom renos which we went crazy shopping for yesterday (in red skull Toms obv).  the city is such an amazing design hub and we feel so lucky to have all of these resources at our fingertips!  of course visited the old stand-bys...Waterworks, Ann Sacks, Mosaic House, etc.  But we're always on the lookout for new and interesting vendors.  Who are your favs?

drinks after at friend of a farmer...obv


an ode to kelly wearstler...


what makes us great business partners (and fab friends) is our difference in design style. when starting a new project, i dream of tone on tones- creating an entire room with various shades of blue..Miss AS will put one crazy print with another and they look incredible together! and somehow as the process moves forward, our two design worlds start to blend and poof! we have a beautiful room- well layered, full of heart and an equal representation of one another. 

on the flip side, there are a million things we have in common- we die over any object cast in resin, we have a real love for ethnic textiles and we are both OBSESSED with kelly wearstler!  she loves her vintage, has major design balls and now she has an incredible clothing + accessories line that we are constantly drooling over..  she can do no wrong in our eyes and so here is just a small dedication to some of our favorite kelly wearstler designs- clothing, jewelry, home decor and all!

bienvenido a miami indeed!  the viceroy miami

in our book there is nada wrong with this kw bathroom.  she is known for her incredible use of color, but to us, this monocromatic room is pure perfection. 

Kelly Wearstler's Malibu beach house

one of our all time favs:

blue and gold, blue and gold.....

they call me mellow yellow.... viceroy santa monica

brass business!  kw loves her brass finishes and so do we, especially in her home decor line.
Kelly Wearstler Inspired Designs - Fashion, Accessories, Home, KELY-1002 Bronze Legs,
Kelly Wearstler Inspired Designs - Fashion, Accessories, Home, KELY-1027 Brass Kaleidoscope - 12",
Kelly Wearstler Inspired Designs - Fashion, Accessories, Home, KELY-1042 Mini Bauble Box,

(from top: bronze legs, brass kaleidoscope, mini bauble box in brass + selenite)

we are sick (in a fab, completely head-over-heels-in-love kind of way) over these jewelry designs:

Kelly Wearstler Inspired Designs - Fashion, Accessories, Home, KELY-10199 Perforated Quartz Cuff,
Kelly Wearstler Inspired Designs - Fashion, Accessories, Home, KELY-10118 Clasp Cuff with Pyrite Cluster,
Kelly Wearstler Inspired Designs - Fashion, Accessories, Home, KELY-10123 Septarian Cabochon Ring,

(from top: perforated quartz cuff, clasp cuff with pyrite cluster, septarian cabochon ring)

tie dye, bright colors and marble.  all elements used her in home decor, brought to life in her clothing design- love!

Kelly Wearstler Inspired Designs - Fashion, Accessories, Home, KELY-10173 Dune Tie Dye Suede Jacket,
Kelly Wearstler Inspired Designs - Fashion, Accessories, Home, KELY-10214 Miracle Washed Cape,
Kelly Wearstler Inspired Designs - Fashion, Accessories, Home, KELY-10180 Minnow Marble Pant,

(from top: dune tie dye suede jacket, miracle washed cape, minnow marble pant)

 kw inspires us every day to step outside the box, to push ourselves beyond the "design limits" and to create beautiful rooms, that the clients love, that we love, and that are unequivocally us.

Etsy Shop Object of my Obsession

good morning loves!   so after days and dayyyssss of miserable cloudy rain it's actually going to be a beautiful day today!  still cold, but it IS still March after all...needless to say we are excited to start the day and what better way to do it than by highlighting one of our new fav shops on etsy?  In our eternal search for all things uniquely vintage, elefantdesign popped out at us right away, and upon closer inspection we came across some new gorgeousness to inspire us fo life!  and the price is right, and we all know that's the name of the game so...

...take a gander through, let us know your thoughts and we hope you find something to inspire YOU that you can treasure in your own home forever!

link to their shop - elefantdesign

some favs...
love these brass bookends, probably 1960s or so, very hollywood regency/kelly wearstler-ish.  Pair of Gilt Greek Coin Bookends found here

more bookends!  love the color of these green ceramic horsehead bookends, very mid-century and would be an amazing addition to any mixed modern/hollywood regency/mid-century decor.  Pair of Hollywood Regency Ceramic Horse Bookends via here

plainly named "mid-century ceramic lamp", this little guy is anything but plain!  first of all the glaze color on this is to die for - a blueish gray that will work with any color scheme you've got working.  second, the shape is gorgeous, such a perfect little retro mid-century design.  get a lineny/textured shade, or even a shade with some sort of design or pattern (like this?  or this?  just ask the seller for the size of the shade on the lamp in the photo before committing!) and this will become the center of attention!  via here

so it's no secret we've been obsessing over vintage glassware, more specifically this shape of champagne glass otherwise known as the "coupe".  what makes these even more special is the fact that they are (a) handmade giving them each unique qualities not found in the others, and (b) smoked glass, not clear, making them that much more groovy.  LOVE.  available here

how perfect is this little guy?  this Danish modern stoneware figure would make an excellent and unique addition to a child's bedroom decor, or would be totally at home amongst all the books of your super sophisticated library, because you're all the smartest and most super sophisticated, right?  us too :)  find it here

finally..a little geometry in my life.  these vintage granite modular cube candle holders are the coolest.  each composed of two separate parts, one inner cube with various hole sizes cut to accommodate all candlestick sizes, and the outer cube/base.  they rock, the price rocks.. what's not to love?  find them here!!


eBay lovin...continued

Soo, we'd love to continue to share our fav eBay finds with everyone...we LOVE to find great pieces at an even better price, and if we can't take advantage ourselves, we want someone to!!  Tell us what you're searching for now, we'll put it on our radar and share with you what we find!  Here's some finds from this morning's search...thoughts??

umm..paging ms. Hepburn!  Gorgeeee vintage YSL champagne faux pearl strand...YSL has some amazing costume jewelry, and though they're "faux" pearls, it's NOT faux-YSL, therefore still a steal at the starting bid of $25.  2 days left, low shipping cost...someone please buy!  via here..

Dorothy Thorpe was an incredible mid-century artist, throughout her career she's created some truly iconic pieces using glass as well as lucite, and any combination of the two.  Sometimes some fantastic deals pop up on eBay if you can find singles of her candlesticks (which in pairs or groups can sell for hundreds of $$ per candlestick), here you can buy a single for reaaal cheap.  Also her amazing pretzel-like napkin rings can be found for a bargain..especially when they're in an awesome color like the ones above!  via here and here, respectively.  

This little cutie has been on our radar for quite a while.  It's very unusual coloration (beautiful salmon pink with brass accents) is our dreammmm, and the fact that it has butterflies on the shade?  well that just makes it all the more special.  someone please buy!  we don't have any more desks needing a lamp..waah.  Check it..

and finally...high fashion.  Kidding, but seriously - a fantastic pair of vintage pink faux-pearl Chanel clip-ons, I'm in love.  Buy-it-now price of $149 BUT taking all offers...get it closer to $100 and you've got yourself a steal!  via here



ohohoooh, how excited is everyone for Marni at H&M next Thursday!!?  Well, we can hardly contain ourselves and luckily H&M has put some sneak peaks up online with pricing (which is amazingly affordable, as usual) so we can scope out exactly what we want to grab as soon as those doors open, so get out of the way!  I'll knock an old lady down, I don't care...

Take a (safe) stroll through the collection here...

Transparent plastic bag, totally Marni-esque, totally awesome price

Marni Sunnies..sooo fly and less than $20, need we say more?  
Elasticized Plastic + Wood bracelets...will be grabbing these by the fistful!  
Amazing chunky ribbed leggings, elastic waist of course which is what we live in :)  anything for comfort people!
these look like the real deal that sells for wayyyy more.  They're $99/pair!

how cute and fun for summer!

and the necklace I will be TRULY heartbroken not to bring home..leather cord necklace with white plastic flowers.  swoon...


eBay Lovin

So A and I loooove eBay + etsy for incredible deals on everything from furniture + home accessories to shoes, clothes, handbags, and literally everything in between.  We fancy ourselves somewhat of experts in sniffing out + taking advantage of the best deals available and would love to share our finds with the world!  check out some steals on our radar today:

Authentic vintage Hermes Leather clip-on earrings... a chance to own a piece of Hermes for a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of the cost of a berkin!  3 1/2 days left on the auction and no one has bid, bidding starts at $95.00 and shipping is not outrageous.  someone grab them quick!

New Derek Lam Ivory Chiffon Shirt from Barneys..again 3 1/2 days left and price is only at $57.00...I dont think it will go over $150 and for a shirt like this, it's a serious steal

Vintage 70s Modernist desk lamp by Pietro Chiesa for Fontana Arte.  a little over 6 days left on the listing, current bid is less than $1 so who knows where it will go to, my guess is not more than a few hundred $$.  Downside: item ships from France for $60 to the states which is pricey, but this same EXACT lamp is on 1stdibs for $6,500.  you do the math.  

finally, a vintage George Nelson/Howard Miller ball clock.  Classic mid-century design, from the description it seems like it may need a little attention from someone who can repair clocks (what is that called?), but for a starting bid of $50 with a little over 8 days left i bet this will stay under the radar and sell for not much more than the starting bid.  Also doesn't have the identifying tag on the back which probably accounts for the low price as well, but who cares if it looks cool!  shipping is reasonable too at $10.95.  always pay attention to the shipping costs!  Here is your chance to own a piece of iconic mid-century design for a steal!  



hey kids - here are some pics of a recently (almost) completed project...strictly decorating, a fantastic space, and SUCH a fun client!  more pics to come!!


Here fishy fishy fishyyy...

Fish are amazing creatures, a window into the evolution of our world and not to be overlooked in the beauty and inspiration department.  Everything from the iridescence of their bodies to the patterns in their scales and fins and gills, to their effortlessly fluid movement through water, fish have been an inspiration to the world of design since the beginning of time.  We've seen traces of it many places recently, here are a few of our favs:

Enameled Fish Key Fob by Mulberry via net-a-porter.  such a fun and unexpectedly cool idea.

Gorrrgeous 1920s Venetian mirror via Decoratum in London.  the movement of the fish is echoed so perfectly in the shape of the mirror.  put this in a small, dark powder room..

Amazon Dreams Platter via Anthropologie

to DIE for enormous 1940s brass fish on wood bases, would make such a statement on a mantle or on a coffee table in an unexpected way

ahmaazing Italian 1977 cast lucite fish-form table bases, how amazing would these be with a smoked glass top?  so crazy

outrageous English 1950s "Aquarium" Table lighter, by Dunhill.  Pretty sure i would just stare at this all day if I owned it, but for $5, seems unlikely

Finally..such a beautiful, simple vintage Gucci sterling silver fish-form bottle opener...swoon.  unfortunately SOLD on ebay!  but i'm sure there's more floating around out there so keep an eye out!



Better than a thousand hollow words, is one word that brings peace - Buddha

He totally meant words used to create awesome furniture, lighting and accessories, didn't he? you be the judge...

Amazing "HI" Lamp Base, such a fun play with design + function, currently for sale on eBay!  someone snap it up

Michele Varian pillow, spreading love one pillow at a time!  Love the crayony colors.  Found here

a personal fav of mine and one that's been on my radar for some time, a vintage "RADIO" radio.  nothin says radio like a radio made out of the word radio.  sold off of Etsy, but have spotted it on eBay as well so keep your eyes pealed!

via the amazing Surfing Cowboys, the "PEACE" chair, perfect as a vanity stool in a bedroom, throw a flokati rug over the seat and you've got yourself a hip little chair

Don't you wish all EXIT signs were this cool?  via here


A love letter to tortoiseshell

dear tortoiseshell,
we love you.

Amazing and enormous faux tortoiseshell screen, vintage 1960s

Paco Rabanne Link still my heart

Bag Borrow or Steal a super special Chanel Tortoiseshell Clutch

a couple of pretty nixons...Vega and 40-20 Chrono, respectively

Kent of London Tortoiseshell Comb, the finest brushes and combs in the world


Rago Arts & Auction Center - an untapped resource

So it's no secret, here in NYC especially, that auction houses are an amazing way to seek out the truly rare and unique.  Places like Sotheby's and Philips de Pury, known worldwide, regularly host some of the city's wealthiest buyers to come and take turns outbidding one another to get a chance at taking home everything from rare antiques to enormously expensive modern art to Elizabeth Taylor's crown jewels.  Outside of the city, however, there are some amazing auction houses that seem to go relatively unnoticed, but are home to some amazing and iconic pieces of 20th century design.  Case in point - Rago Arts + Auction Center in Lambertville, NJ.  Right over the border from New Hope, PA which is a well known, though off the beaten path, center for arts and culture.  Also close by...Nakashima Woodworking Studios, basically heaven.

In a run-down looking warehouse just off the highway, Rago holds some of the most amazing creations this past century has seen...coming up on Sunday Feb 26th is their 20th/21st Century Modern Design Design auction, I implore you to take a look through the is not to be missed.  And if you're close by and looking for a day trip, let me know because I'm coming with you!  Rago Arts & Auction - 20th/21st C Modern Design Catalog

Lots we are LOVIN:
Lot 988 - Tommy Simpson Armchair, relatively new made in 2001, but it's so unique and fun.  reupholster in a funky fabric and you've got yourself one sassy chair

Lot 923 - Donald Deskey Room Divider, 1928!  Silverleafed + lacquered wood, loving the color combination + oversized pattern

Lot 669 - Fabio Lenci Sofa, Italian 1960s.  Love the channeled, curved leather upholstery and the way it appears to be suspended between the two glass panels by wood dowels.  Would be awesome in some big old farm house

Lot 1134 - Georges Jouve Glazed Rooster Sconce, French 1940s.  The glaze color of the rooster is incredible and the curve of the vellum shade is so sexy.  a single sconce is unusual, but this is too special to do multiples of!

Lot 694 - Iconic Vladimir Kagan curved sofa on walnut base, USA 1950s.  The epitome of mid-century design, this sofa is so classically beautiful

Lot 1170 - Erwin + Estelle Laverne, pair of Jonquil Lounge Chairs, USA 1960s.  Another iconic design using a totally iconic material, molded lucite.  

Lot 1118 - Angelo Mangiarotti Arabesco Marble Dining Table, Italian (obvi?) 1960s.  Can you imagine how heavy?  an interesting play on the permanence of what we typically consider our furniture to be - temporary and movable.    

Lot 714 - Tommi Parzinger Nightstands, NYC 1960s.  I'm enamored with the peach lacquer of the nightstands and contrast of the super simple chrome base.  

Lot 933 - Paul Frankl Station Wagon Dresser, USA 1940s.  Love the folky quality of the dresser, including the pull detail + legs

Lot 1128 - Pierre Guariche, pair of lounge chairs, France 1950s.  What can i say about these bad boys? They look so rad, the shape of their angular lines, they look so hip.  and loving the black leather and brass base.  

Lot 775 - Paul Evans + Phil Powell coffee table, New Hope, PA, 1960s.  The partnership of these two incredible minds has brought forth some of the most amazing designs the world of interiors has seen.  Paul Evans metal mind combined with Philip Lloyd Powell's wood's too much to bear!  Gilt iron base with a travertine inset in walnut top.  love.

Lot 890 - Jean Royere Desk, France, 1954.  Only Jean Royere can take rattan and bamboo, two materials generally reserved for tacky beach houses in jersey and florida, and turn it into the chicest desk, functional while standing on spindly beautiful legs.  unarguably a classic.  

Lot 665 - Carlo di Carli Ragno occasional table, Italian 1950s.  Something vaguely betelgeuse-esque about this spidery table, but it's simple beauty radiates. 

Lot 1016 - Karl Springer Cantilevered side table, USA 1970s.  There's a few versions of this table out there, SUCH a heavy piece but truly beautiful in craftsmanship alone, let alone the incredible design.  

have fun shopping!!!


Seventies Lovin

Sooooooooo, we love any and all mod 70s interior design, as spastic and off the wall as it is there is SO much of it that inspires us!  pulling details and ideas that may have overwhelmed a room back then and plugging them into more modern, updated spaces today can result in some seriously groovy (in a cool way) design.  So take a gander at some of our fav inspiration pics below...ideally wearing your tallest platform shoes whilst wearing pants that match your sofa + curtain fabric.  what?

an amaaazin swing bed with some sweet art above.  

love the wall detail, and of course the floating platform bed.

more - love the big bold diagonal stripes on the wall behind the bed, what a fun treatment.  and cheap and easy!  seriously anyone can do this in their own bedroom all you need is some tape and paint and mad tape measure skills

Bucky Fuller...the geodesic dome.  need i say more?  ps love that the sofa is 3 different colors, so fun!

my dream.

my neon dream.  


Perforation Perfection

Perforation has been a major pattern in design throughout the who doesn't like to punch holes in things?  anyway, we've loved the way designers have played with perforation over the years in different applications with different materials.  Perforated metal is so french industrial, perforated fabrics and suedes are punky, and different materials like perforated corian are playful and innovative.  Check some of our favs below...

an awesome awesome awesome perforated corian desk by Martin Szekely, room design by Muriel Brandolini
a great mid-century piece of furniture (at a great price obvi) from CB2, the Grid Media Console

Form meets function in the Circuit Wastebasket from Container Store

Tom Dixon, the Etch Pendant, in my fav new color of course..solid GOLD.  (well brass actually).  I have a similar lamp in my very small bedroom hallway, and in the evening when the lights is on it casts the most amazing patterns on the walls.

The Shadows Lamp by India Mahdavi, very fitting name if you ask me

ahmaazing hand crafted indoor/outdoor Penutti Light via Property Furniture downtown

totally cool perforated metal dresser from Strawser + Smith in the good old BK

a funky perforated cape

 more India Mahdavi..perforated cuffs + rings

Wearstler's perforated clutch..duh  

French 1950s perforated metal ice bucket...don't know how effective it will be with melting ice, but whatever!

Textile Tuesday.


While decorating with Handiras or Tamizart (Moroccan Wedding Blankets) is nothing new, I still can't get over their gorgeousness.  Traditionally, these blankets are made for the bride as part of her dowry and worn on her journey to her new home.  But since growing rapidly in home decor popularity in the past few years, they are no longer only a Berber wedding tradtition and are being made to be sold at the local markets. Lucky for us!  As silly as it may seem, my two poufs upholstered in Handiras are my prized possessions.  I love them, I look at them every day and love them more and

one of my favorite examples of using a handira as home decor is this image of Kate Hudson's bedroom designed by Roman + Williams. 

love this DIY headboard over at remodelista. 


Dissecting Crate&Barrel

Doesn't everyone play that game.. you know, the one where you have to look through a magazine and, if you had all the money in the world, pick one thing on each page you would buy?  As mature as we get we still play that game all the time with every magazine we get our paws on...a girl can dream can't she?  

Well anyway, the Crate&Barrel magazine showed up (3rd one this week) and as tired as we sometimes get of looking through page after page after pageeee of the same old same old, this one somehow seemed...better.  Here's some favs we just couldn't just flip past...and might actually REALLY real life!

The woven Santoso Baskets are the simple woven pattern, put one on the floor in your den or bedroom and fill it with blankets + throw

The Hurom Slow Juicer..don't know what's so slow about it, but I know I need to get into shape for bathing suit weather STAT.

The Olin Rug, love this big chunky stripe, comes in a gorgeous gray too but there's something we love so much about this minky brown.  

The Lyle Side Chair, what a little cutie.  So perfect in a breakfast room or even around a big wood dining table.  and an awesome price at $199 each heyyyyyy
So this Atlas 150 Chrome Past Maker is not new or's actually the same design that's been around forever and ever and that, in and of itself, is amazing.

This Zuri Coffee + Side Tables are vaguely reminiscent of the Jean Prouve Gueridon Tables selling elsewhere online..not that they're the SAME necessarily, but similar enough to bring the same sort of effect to any decor whether it be traditional, modern, or anywhere in between.  

If you know us, you know we love an oversized wood salad server.  Enter C&B's answer to our prayers.  A very simple pair of Oak Salad Servers

This desk is super simple, clean and modern with just the right amount of country.  and a fly name.  The Hendrix Desk

Looks like chicken wire, but it's not..(we like chicken wire).  The Hoyne Pendant would be great as a single in a small entry foyer or hallway, or as a cluster over a dining table.  the possibilities are endless.  and it gets better when the light is on, that never happens!

What can we say about this Acacia Wedge Server?  it's our dream basically.  *sigh*...if only we had a kitchen island to put it on.  guess our teeny tiny little dining table will just have to do.  
Acacia and Glass Canisters, simple as can be.  use them in a bathroom to hold cotton balls + q-tips or in your kitchen to hold pasta + rice on
and finally...last but not least!...the Halo Pot Saucer.  Super modern glazed ceramic pot with a built-in saucer (so no need for that stupid little clear glass saucer under every pot you own).  obviously looks amazing with succulents, our 2nd fav thing in this world :)